Rural broadband… an update

Great excitement generally as over the past few weeks a lot of Openreach vans have been seen up and down the lane. This has resulted in new coils of cable hanging from the telephone poles with the welcome words “Caution Fibre Overhead”. However, for the poles that connect to our house this seems conspicuously absent so it looks as though we will have to continue relying upon our 4G connection as discussed in my first post.

As I mentioned in my first post, I did promise to create a list of 4G unlimited data sim plans – it really was a dry post. But my neighbour, a very successful blogger who one day will mention my blog in hers and drive massive amounts of traffic to me, has reminded me to get on with this, so here it is:

You will need to check you get decent 4G coverage as not all operators coverage is the same – e.g. we get ok Vodafone coverage here but no EE. The best way to test is to take out a pay as you go sim or 30 day contract that you can easily cancel if you don’t get sufficient reception. If you do get a good signal with decent speeds, then its normally easy to upgrade to a longer term contract.

NetworkTarif Name18 Month* / 2 year contract1 year contract30 day contract
VodafoneUnlimited Max£30/month£33/month£37/month
ThreeUnlimited£22/month discounted to £11 for first 6 months£24/month£26/month
* denotes 18 month contract – struggling with wordpress table formatting

To simplify things I have limited this to the four mobile operators that own their networks, not the virtual ones (e.g. GiffGaff) as there are often speed restrictions in place on data. I’m only selecting tariffs where there are no speed restrictions in place to keep things simple and speed is what we are going after.

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