Rural broadband… an update

Great excitement generally as over the past few weeks a lot of Openreach vans have been seen up and down the lane. This has resulted in new coils of cable hanging from the telephone poles with the welcome words “Caution Fibre Overhead”. However, for the poles that connect to our house this seems conspicuously absent […]

Last chicken blog post

These are starting to get a little dull so my final blog on the chicken theme for a while. Star has turned broody and has been for the past week or so – the broody cage wasn’t doing much so I resorted to the cold water bath using the river. Seemed to work!

Further reflections on chickens

You are expecting me to go on about how superior our home produced eggs are to the crap ones you get from supermarkets produced by battery hens. You are right to a degree, the eggs are very good, but the eggs I buy from a supermarket have a use by date on, produced by hens […]

Misadventures with chickens

Having moved from London to almost the middle of nowhere in Hampshire I clearly needed to get some chickens. I had attempted, briefly, to keep chickens in our small back garden in Brixton which was an unmitigated disaster. Sufficient time had passed though, and I had pretty much forgotten what a pain chickens are. One […]

Rural broadband – one man’s obsession

I’ve been advised to blog about something that animates me. Over the past year, nothing has animated me as much as our broadband. This has become an unhealthy obsession and I bore pretty much everyone I meet on the subject. Perhaps writing about it will get it out of my system once and for all. […]

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