Moving to the country

It has been just over two years since we moved from London to the country. Thanks to the Covid, I understand many more people are considering such an undertaking. I can’t blame them. I enjoyed a conflicting sense of smugness / relief / guilt in the first lockdown that we were no longer in our … Continue reading Moving to the country

Côte at Home

This is my first attempt at a product review beyond rural broadband. My first mistake was picking Côte. It’s taken me some time to find the “ô”, in the end resorting to copying and pasting it from the Côte website – circumflexes are a nightmare. I’m fortunate that my wife is an exceptionally good chef … Continue reading Côte at Home

Last chicken blog post

These are starting to get a little dull so my final blog on the chicken theme for a while. Star has turned broody and has been for the past week or so – the broody cage wasn’t doing much so I resorted to the cold water bath using the river. Seemed to work!

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